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From increasing property sales to offering the best tenant experience, The Real Estate CRM is the ultimate property management software you would ever need.

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8000 property units already using it, get yours now

The ultimate real estate management system you shall ever need

Dedicated Tenant LoginOn-site experience at home

Increase Property SalesNever miss an update

Automate MarketingRealtime Email & SMS Support

Advanced ReportsData analysis for smart choices

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Ms. Zeinab Bin Al Sheikh Towers.

Available for Smartphones.

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Who is it for

The Real Estate CRM caters to diverse roles of property management


Create a strong online presence, increase the number of leads, tell the potential clients more about the properties and exchange information.


Find high-quality and long term tenants, increase and maintain the worth of properties. Get more free time and less stress.


The Real Estate CRM is an excellent resource for potential buyers to know more about a property manager as an expert.


Manage repairs, both preventative and corrective. Gain insight into the state of the property's assets. Ensured two-way productivity.


Save time spent on creating purchase receipts, depositing cash in banks and resources by switching to The Real Estate CRM.


Tenant experience is enhanced with each tenant automatically receiving their dedicated login credentials in the app to check their lease details, raise issues or to contact property manager directly.